Farmall Calendar 2014

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The beauty of the farm and its machinery take center stage in this sumptuous calendar featuring Farmall's finest collectible tractors in photographed under the stars, on the farm and in the shop. This year’s calendar includes a black-stripe 1066, 1948 Farmall H, rare 1970 656 utility demonstrator, 1939 Farmall F-14, an International 7288, 1984 5488, 1962 560, and a pre-production WD40 (serial number 503), a rare 450 diesel with Electrall, and the first 1086 produced (serial number 8601). The collectors include Jerry Mez of Farmall-Land, famed radio announcer Max Armstrong, Darius Harms, Bob Zarse, Ken and Dick Huber, and more. 

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24 pages
Octane Press
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Thursday, August 1, 2013
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17x12 inches