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Johann Dittmer

Co-authored several books about German IH equipment.
Johann Dittmer has co-authored several books about German IH equipment. He owns a large collection of tractor-related literature and images from all around the world.
Johann Dittmer was born 1955 on a small farm in northern Germany and developed a practical familiarity with farming from an early age. In particular, he was fascinated by tractors and farm machines. As a child he enjoyed paging through the brightly colored sales brochures whenever his father was in the market for new tractors. Later, when left with his father’s old sales brochures, he began collecting a broad range of pamphlets and brochures on various agricultural machines- building his collection up over 50 years. Included in this collection are diverse manufactures and brands from all around the world, with literature and documents on machines and tractors- some 100 years old and others brand new. Thanks to the help of outstanding contacts around the world, it was possible to broaden his collection with material from outside of Europe.
Leading up to the time he ceased farming in 2000, most of the grain and hay harvesters available were from IH and Case IH, thus Johann developed a special interest In the IH and CaseIH brands. In addition to sales booklets, Johann’s collection includes articles from industry magazines and various press material from the manufacturers. Given that there had not been a German book on IH tractors available for 15 years, 4 friends decided to put an end to the dearth in 1999. Together they created International Harvester – Schlepper und Landmaschinen aus Neuss am Rhein which came out in 2000. It was the first book in which Johann played a contributing role. Since then, Johann has collaborated on 4 additional books – all on the topic of IH and Case IH tractors.